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Our school has been awarded the certification of BB/I/bbb level certified by IES London (International Education Society) so that our graduates may apply for the issue of this international certificate which is a standardized report added to their school leaving certificate. Our school has managed to educate qualified specialists who have been able to stand their grand both on the domestic and foreign labour market for more than six decades. The education at our school was launched in 1951. Today we have more than 600 students in 25 classes studying in different fields of studies.

The professional development of the students lasts for four years and our students may choose from one of the following fields of studies:

1.     Mechanical Engineering

2.     Technical and Informatical Services in Mechanical Engineering

3.     Elektrical Engineering

Our school offers:
  • Education and training ad effectum to our students comprehensive personal improvement emphasising the need of lifelong learning
  • The possibility of eLearning
  • Obtaining professional knowledge from Electrotechnics, Mechanical Engineering and Economics
  • Acquiring two foreign languages inevitable to be able to get on in an international environment
  • High-level technical facilities and special classrooms
  • Cooperation with both domestic and foreign institutions
  • Wide range of extra curricular activities
  • Strong emphasis on sport education
  • Effectiveness in preparing our students for their further studies
  • Dormitory
  • Free wi-fi connection

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The graduate students of this academic branch acquire both general and professional knowledge. After graduation they can work as computer designers, technologist in industry or branches connected to industry. The graduates have the proper knowledge to continue their professional studies at different technical universities.

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The graduates students of this academic branch  acquire  both general and professional knowledge. After graduation they may continue their studies at different economical or technical universities, they are also  able to work independently in industrial fields or as administrative employees, accountants, financial experts, mid/level managers or entrepreneurs.

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The graduates of Electrical Engineering acquire the basics of electro technology, electronics and their practical application. They are ready to work in design, construction, manufacturing and assembly process, as well as to operate and maintain electrical installations and equipments. They are prepared to study further at Technical Universities or they might apply their knowledge at electro technical companies as technicians or as technical computer, computer network assistants.


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